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(Badass Birthday) Blues

Or maybe I haven’t written in a while because I can’t place my feelings.

Or maybe I can place my feelings, I’m just not familiar with them.

I can’t complain because I can’t.

I am not familiar with hatred.

Badass Birthday

My birthday week was just fantastic. Friends surprised me while at work, I had my first art show (sold all my paintings), my buddies rocked a packed theater, got an Iphone, and had a job interview.

I can’t complain.

Must be why I haven’t written something in a while.

Please note

A note from the artist…


As far as the titles go for my paintings, they are not connected to the work in anyway. I never titled any of my paintings; they all define themselves through their color and shapes. The titles are simple nods to today’s world issues.

I find myself distancing myself from world issues because they are too vast to get involved with. We are told that one person can make all the difference to help solve an issue. No matter how much support is being given, I’m finding each issue getting bigger, more complex and more twisted. I truly admire those getting involved, making themselves heard, and fighting for a change. I just don’t have the fight in me…

…I have the love. Each piece is a simple labor of love and enjoyment. There is no stressing out, or over thinking involved in my work. They are creatively carefree.


Fill it regular please

I have always wondered where personal drive came from because I always felt like I had none. I would simply do what was asked of me, and the results were always positive. I feel like this came from being a good kid in school. Just sit, be quite quiet, do what you’re told, do your work, and everything is fine. No fuss, no muss. Hell, I would even slack off and the results were always positive. Not that I have a poor work ethic or outlook; I just knew how much effort should be put in so that everything would work out. In recent years I found myself at a standstill and under the assumption that everything will take care of itself because that’s just the way it goes.

I’m no dummy; I know that hard work needs to be put in to get great results. I just never felt the need to put in hard work… which always concerned me. ‘Why is everything okay, and I’m not breaking a sweat.? Something is not right.’

When school work started to get tough for me in the last years of college, I got scared. Everyone was working hard; everyone had drive and all of a sudden I was falling behind. What did the other students know that I didn’t? Where did their need for success come from? Why so serious!? My fellow students actually had big plans, they knew what needed to be done, they had a future in mind, and they all wanted to be something. Needless to say I was stressed out because my method of just costing by was not working any more, until….

…I came home, scored two part-time jobs, and everything was fine. I was coasting and it was working. I suppose I did the typical ‘took and break from college’ (When I was younger I never understood why people did that, and hated hearing about people who did it). I was okay with ‘falling behind’ because I was moving at my own pace. I was figuring out life on my own time, and avoiding anything serious at the same time. Still with the thought of ‘when is my drive going to kick in?’ because ‘everything just takes care of itself,’ I figured it will just happen.

Now after being in a somewhat dead-end job, and getting over love sickness. I can’t stand being idol with these feelings of hatred and sorrow. I need to make the changes.  I’m finally ready to hop in the driver’s seat and start to cruise away from these toxic feelings. I see the open road, and all the sites I will see on the way. I need to explore everything.

Let’s face it, being in a rest stop is not that cool.

Gift to my kick ass Cuz Vincent Audinot

Gift to my kick ass Cuz Vincent Audinot